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Content Starts DANQ

Our all new most versatile board.

– Full wood core.
– Sintered Ptex base.
– 600gram triax glass.
– Flat base.
– Gloss deck finish.

157 x 41.50
Width A = 41.50
Width B = 41.00
Rocker = 7.3cm (same as Wraith)

152 x 41.25
Width A = 41.25
Width B = 40.75
Rocker = 6.7cm (same as Wraith)

147 x 41.00
Width A = 41.00
Width B = 40.50
Rocker = 6.2cm (same as Wraith)

(Rocker may vary slightly as this is never an exact science no matter what other brands tell you).

Recommended Retail Price:
Deck with fins – 749euro.

For those who love the sidecut and feel that the Wraith delivers but want it in a more performance oriented package.

The Danq is a combination of the Wraith and Tranq. The Danq has a slightly less aggressive side cut than the Wraith with the wide point pushed forward a little due to the fuller square tip outline blended in from the Tranq. The Danq also has a step down rail (rather than a straight bevel rail as on our other models), this adds stiffness to the middle of the board in comparison to the Wraith.
The Danq is also a great freestyle board in smaller sizes with the more aggressive tip than the Wraith giving great hold and straight up pop, the sidecut really bites on an edge.
Fins are optional, but it does come with the fins holes pre-drilled unlike the Wraith (not pictured).

Like the Tranq and Quill the Danq is equally at home as a Freestyle, Freeride, Big Air or Park board depending what size you choose. Bigger sizes such as the 152 and 157 are also a great option for Kite Schools or Beginner/Intermediate riders. It’s a very easy board to ride that can grow with you over time, the added benefit being that they can be easily sold later on to Freestyle, Freeride or Park riders if you felt you needed to change size later.

Sizing of this board isn’t just a scaled version. As the board gets shorter from 157 it also gets wider in comparison to it’s length (as in the 152,147). With a sidecut shape there’s only so narrow you can go in the middle of the board until you reach a point where the flex and amount of board left to stand on makes sense to ride. As such the Danq seems more slim in longer sizing, this gives you primarily a choice of what length board you’d like to ride most as all the boards edge fairly similar if you only account for their width, meaning that if you step up a size it’s going to feel pretty similar only longer.

Compared to the Tranq:
If you were to compare them size to size (not possible due to sizes not exactly matching 155 vs 157 etc.), the Danq has roughly the same amount of surface area per size as the Tranq just that it is dispersed differently. The Tranq has the majority of surface area towards the middle of the board whereas the Danq has that surface area pushed out towards the tips, overall this change in surface area placement gives a board that’s more balanced, also effectively creating a more square straight up outline than the Tranq. What this all does is make a board that’s more efficient to keep planning whilst more stable on an edge. You can think of it as somewhat closer to how a Snowboard works rather than a standard Wakeboard shape, it also means you can use less fin than a standard board shape. This change in design philosophy also makes it easier to go upwind and stay planning in lighter wind due to the surface area being further spread out across the board rather than bunched up in the centre of the board.
If your money board is the 149 Tranq for Freestyle you could make a choice either direction (152, 147), but the 147 will probably give you a more similar feel in the tip of the board surface area wise especially for those that like to ride really powered and want to be able to sink the board to a maximum during an edge. If you’re more of a freerider or you just like to ride a longer board the 152 will also work fine, your choice is primarily one of which length you’d prefer

Compared to Wraith:
The Danq has a more aggressive shape in the tips and a stiffer flex profile compared to the Wraith. The Wraith rides slightly more like a snowboard than the Danq. The Danq blends the line more between regular board and snow shape, it’s basically like the next step towards a standard shape from the Wraith. Those that like the feel of the Wraith but want to have more performance for Kicker or Airtricks will likely enjoy the Danq. If you want the most buttery and straight up different Freeride feel and look buy the Wraith instead. The 157 Danq matches or even exceeds the feeling per size to the 159 Wraith, this is due to the Wraith having round tips with more of the surface area closer to the middle of the board. If you like the 159 Wraith you should ride the 157 Danq. If you like the 149 Wraith the 147 Danq probably matches more closely to it, with the 152 Danq sitting in between the 149/159 Wraith sizing.

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