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Wraith – freeride specialist.

– Full wood core.
– Sintered Ptex base.
– 600gram triax glass.
– Parabolic rails.
– Gloss deck finish.
– Fin holes not drilled.

159cm x 41.25 x 40.50cm – Rocker 7cm.
149cm x 40.25 x 39.50cm – Rocker 6.5cm.
Weight: 3.2kg (Based on 149cm size).
(Rocker may vary slightly as this is never an exact science no matter what other brands tell you).

Recommended Retail Price:
Deck with fins – 749euro.

Those looking for a new feeling on the water, or perhaps something closer to the feeling they are used to on the Snow will love the Wraith.
Primarily designed as a finless Freeride, Fun, Park board, personally we recommend riding it finless for the full experience and maximum glide but the Wraith also has the fin holes marked if you want to drill them out yourself and add some extra grip. The Wraith due to the narrower width and rounder nose and tail is designed to be ridden 10-20cm longer than your typical board.
The 159cm Wraith has less overall surface area than either the 155cm Tranq or Quill, which is why it also weighs less. The effective rail line of the 159 is actually closer to that of a 150-152 regular shaped board (such as Tranq), whilst the 149 Wraith is closer to that of a 140-142 regular board, this might further help understand the sizing of this board.
It’s parabolic rail and flat base also offers the most central flex pattern and flattest overall rocker line. The flatter rocker line and added central flex allows the parabolic rail to grip the water better during carves and gives you a better low wind experience with reduced drag, this also helps make it a less fatiguing board to ride on the cable or kite.

In general we recommend riders at 72KG+ to ride the 159, whilst those 72KG- should be at home on the 149. There’s no definitive answer for this however as this board is all about fun. The 159 may also prove a great light wind fun board. If you want a new experience on the water, try the Wraith, you might find yourself enjoying riding a twin-tip again!

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