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Premium boards for boarders by boarders – no gimmicks – we make boards for people who like boards.

We know there’s a lot of people out there just like us who want boards in bigger sizes designed with the performance, quality and versatility in mind to ride behind either a cable or kite. We also know there’s people who want a board that’s handmade in Europe with a wide variation of graphics, built specifically per size rather than cut out of a single mould. All our boards are full CNC’d top and bottom with channels and thickness tapered to accomodate the change in length, a sintered ptex snowboard base for both longevity and durability on the beach and in the park, we see no reason why this shouldn’t be the norm for all levels of rider or schools. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t do this… We want to deliver you premium boards not deliver ourselves premium margins.

Our Goal:
To produce a high quality selection of boards functional for a wide range of riders from Beginner to Professional in a range of disciplines. We want to help remove the stigma attached to Pro level equipment and longer sizes, giving new riders a chance to start their boarding journey on boards that can grow with them as their level progresses, or at the very least helping get more quality boards on the secondhand market available to youth and budget minded riders with performance as a focus.

Our New Rider Theory:
We hope new riders choose the board that will suit them best for their future desired style of riding and feel on the water; our entire range is designed to be “Beginner Friendly”, don’t be scared to think ahead.

Many Kite brands make a large range of “Beginner” or “Intermediate” focused boards yet heavily neglect boards containing attributes that would interest Advanced to Professional level riders. Often times a brand will produce fifteen different boards, yet an Advanced rider may only be interested in riding one of those models. Why is this so? What is it that makes these other boards so undesirable for an Advanced rider? What is it that makes these boards so “Beginner centric” and unprogressive? There seems to be no unified shape, rocker or construction across the industry that signifies such a specification, all we can conclude is that it’s made cheaply with poor overall performance in order to lower entry pricing whilst maximising brand margins. Not only is this stunting rider progression as new riders rarely upgrade quick enough, but it’s also creating an environment of throw away boards which isn’t a very ecological situation. We hope our boards stay in the quiver for the life of the rider, or at the least become a new budget option for another rider. 

Here at OASI the only stipulation for a “Beginner” board we can be in agreement with is; size, a beginner should ride a slightly bigger board than your average intermediate/advanced rider, all else is pure semantics. 

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