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    • Thank you man! I appreciate the feedback and glad you’re feeling the vibes.

  • Yes! Good luck man, you’ve done all the hard work, now it’s just the hard work that’s left! Boards look great!

    • Soon! It’s what the people are asking for. We’ve actually considered totally cancelling our boards and going full scale into sticker only production after our lack lustre first release.

  • Yo its kozzie been resindoginboginup my hadlow deck since 20 16 the susbus is full of quickgrips and clamps and im gettin over it.

    How your boards go in reguards to repairs?? Seams like ptex needs a plastic specific glue but the deck itself needs a resin but theres no magic adhesive for both? Maybe your boards are different?

    Good luck on the venture matey maybe you can build that dug out wakeskate idea i pitched ya ? Its a little like adding handlebars to a skateboard i know but hay wouldnt be the lamest thing to hit the water.

    • Hey dude, that’s some dedication! I respect that!
      Yeah the base will need a Ptex candle, which is quite easy if you want to do it. The top would need Epoxy resin just like any other twin tip basically, unfortunately not many ways to get around this.
      Cheers man! Yeah, well I’m keen to do lots of interesting projects, there’s a few things in the works already so keep your eyes peeled.

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